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The impact of COVID-19 on the performance of peace operations

3rd April 2020 | by Cedric de Coning

Between the African Union, European Union, OSCE, NATO and United Nations there are approximately 160,000 civilian, police and military personnel deployed in more than 50 missions.

Principled Peacekeeping Works

Principled Peacekeeping Works

20th March 2020 | by Cedric de Coning

Over the past few years, the performance of UN peacekeeping operations has come increasingly under the spotlight. It started with financial pressure, especially but not exclusively by the United States Government, to reduce the overall cost of UN peacekeeping operations.

IDP Camp Bunia

ThucyBlog n° 7 – Les opérations de maintien de la paix sont-elles efficaces ?

4th February 2020 | by Cedric de Coning

Le réseau sur l’efficacité des opérations de paix (Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network – EPON) est un groupe de recherche international constitué de plus de 40 institutions qui mènent collectivement des recherches sur l’efficacité de certaines opérations de paix.

A troubled yet needed Mission

8th November 2019 | by Jaïr van der Lijn

Examining why MINUSMA’s effectiveness in terms of stabilisation and the protection of civilians has decreased since 2016.

IDP Camp Bunia

Are peace operations effective? Emerging trends and observations from the studies of the Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network

7th November 2019 | by Cedric de Coning

Discussing some of the cross-cutting trends and observations that have emerged from the first four EPON studies that have been published.

Tomping Juba

Assessing the impact of the UN Mission in South Sudan – dilemmas of protection

6th November 2019 | by Adam Day

As UNMISS stands on the edge of another fragile peace process, it is worth briefly recalling the protection challenges EPON faced during their visit.


Assessing the effectiveness of the UN mission in the Central African Republic

6th November 2019 | by Lise Howard

Encapsulating some of the findings of the forthcoming 2020 EPON report on MINUSCA.

Residents of Buula Burde

Assessing the effectiveness of the African Union Mission in Somalia

6th November 2019 | by Paul D. Williams

Analysing AMISOM’s ability to resolve Somalia’s crisis of governance that has spawned al-Shabaab.


Assessing the effectiveness of the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

6th November 2019 | by Alexandra Novosseloff

Since the release of the EPON report on the effectiveness of MONUSCO, the national context has changed, and with it the attitude of the host state towards the UN mission.

UN peacekeepers

Is it time to review the basis for UN peacekeeping 71 years on?

29th May 2019 | by Dr. Charles T. Hunt

As demands on the UN become more complex, the International Day of Peacekeeping provides an opportunity to reflect on the underlying principles of UN peace operations.

UN Peacekeepers

Realism should guide the next generation of UN peacekeeping

23rd May 2019 | by Adam Day

With peacekeeping under pressure, it is more useful to recalibrate expectations, learn from what has worked over the past seven decades, and refocus the UN on the more limited – but achievable – tasks that peacekeeping can deliver.

Dilemmas of Peacekeeping

Dilemmas of peacekeeping: what we learnt from talking to people in South Sudan

23rd April 2019 | by Adam Day and Dr. Charles T. Hunt

The peacekeeping mission may be protecting 200,000 people in its sites, but there are more than two million displaced by conflict across the country.

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